Non-slam Check Valves

Check valves are primarily used to protect pumps and compressors from damage caused by backflow.

Unimech Oil & Gas Non Slam Check Valves are designed for severe service applications where fast reverse flow exists and conventional check valves are unsuitable for the existing flow conditions.

Installation of Non Slam Check Valves’s offer the systems engineer the opportunity to:

  • Protect equipment, particularly compressors from expensive damage caused by reverse flow.
  • Reduce down time and loss of production due to failure or frequent replacement of unsuitable valves.
  • Make energy savings as a result of low pressure drop.
  • Eliminate chatter and reduce the possibility of sudden valve failure in reciprocating compressor applications.
  • Reduce or eliminate water hammer.
  • Lower maintenance costs – few moving parts.
  • Reduce reverse velocity using the fast dynamic response of the Unimech Oil & Gas Non Slam Check Valve.
  • Smaller footprint than conventional check valves with associated dampers/levers.
  • Flexibility to cope with variable flow conditions.
  • API 6D end to end dimension permits interchangeability with most conventional swing check valves without expensive piping modification.


Non-slam Check Valves Sizes
Non-slam Check Valves Sizes

Pressure Classes

Pressure Classes


Non-slam Check Valves Materials

Disc Materials

Non-slam Check Valves Disc Materials