Pipeline Repair Clamp

Unimech Oil & Gas Pipeline Repair Clamps (PRC) have been developed for process piping repair on oil and gas pipelines and process facilities.

Installation can be undertaken with minimal disruption to the pipework or operation of the system to which they are fitted.

Unimech Oil & Gas (PRC) are designed to be installed on damaged or leaking pipework, encapsulating the defect within the (PRC) body and regaining pressure integrity through mechanical seals engaging on the sound parent pipe.

The (PRC) are routinely fitted to overcome defects in pipe sections. Designed for simple installation, the clamps can be modified or redesigned to suit specific installation requirements.

Benefits of using (PRC):

  • Repair clamps maintain integrity and restore pipeline’s maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) capacity.
  • Manufactured to suit specific pipe specification.
  • Repair clamp provides equivalent or greater strength than the host pipework.
  • Robust construction and coating provide protection in a range of hostile operating environments.
  • Coating can be supplied to client specification.

(PRC) Range:

  • Size range: nominal pipe sizes 4” – 46”.
  • Pressure range: up to 300 Bar / 4350 psi.
  • Seal against pipeline using compression flanges.
  • Elastomer seals compliant with corroded pipe outside diameter.
  • Single seal – body cavity test facility or Dual seal – body cavity and annulus test facility.

(PRC) Typical Application:

  • Process piping.
  • Onshore/Offshore flowlines
  • Subsea repair and Risers