Pig Valves

Pig Valves are designed first and foremost as a state of the art Shutoff Valve. Each aspect of the valve is engineered to perform under the harshest conditions.

The valve is designed as a trunnion mounted ball valve. As indicated from the name, the valve completely shuts off the flow of the piping and can be used as a single block and bleed or double block and bleed valve.For certain applications a by-pass can be installed.

The Pig Valve is bi-directional and can be used as both a launcher and a receiver. The valve can use most types of pigs including Bullet, Scraper and Spherical pigs, all in one configuration.

Unimech Oil & Gas Valve performs 100% pressure testing on all of our Pig Valves. Designed in accordance with ASME B16.34, API, and NACE requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces cost
  • Reduces the number of valves and controls required in traditional pig launching skids
  • Can be configured and used for both launching and receiving
  • Multiple pig launching systems available direct from the factory.
  • Wrought construction reducing the need for special NDE requirements.

Features Include

  • Trunnion mounted ball Proven shut-off design with energized upstream sealing seat
  • Automatic body cavity venting downstream provided by arranged seats
  • Offers a wide range of fluid compatibility and flexibility due to lip seal or o-ring designs
  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and exotic alloys Bonnet, entry cap and adapters are double sealed for maximum safety
  • Temperature ranges from – 50 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit Pressure classes of ASME 150 to ASME 1500 Tested to API 6D, API 598 or ASME B16.34
  • Emergency seat sealant injection fittings with buried check valves
  • Double block and bleed capability with body drain and vent
  • Entry cap equipped with body cavity vent
  • Available with a lockable stop plate in the open or closed positions
  • Unlimited size range from 2” and above
  • Available with positive shut off bypass valving