Subsea Swivel Flanges

The Unimech Oil & Gas Swivel-Ring Flange sets consist of a 360° rotation outer ring and a hub, the design make it easy to align the bolt holes when attaching to a mating standard flange.

For subsea applications, this capability is important when align and make up the flange connections; it will save much time for installation, save time means save money.

Swivel-Ring Flanges can be designed for most size and pressure rating as per ASME B16.5, API 6A, API 17D, MSS SP-44 or Norsok L 005.

Swivel-Ring Flanges raw materials are available in ASTM A105, A694 F52 to F65, A350 LF2, AISI 4130, and A182 F51 & F53. Also we can supply flanges with other materials such as A694 F70, AISI 8630 and so on.

Reference, dimensional data for ANSI and MSS RTJ Swivel-Ring Flanges are given in the tables below.

Design Specifications

Swivel-Ring Flanges are designed in accordance with ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 2, DNV OS F101, API 6A and API 17D unless otherwise specified, and applicable sections of the flange specification to which it will mate. Finite element analysis: ANSYS FEA to verify the design integrity before manufacture.

Ordering Information

  • Please provide the following information on any purchase order or request for quotation:
  • Nominal pipe size
  • Pipe wall thickness or bore size
  • Pipe material grade
  • Design pressure
  • Design temperature
  • Other forces (when calculation requested)
  • Specification of mating flange
  • Sealing face type Weld overlay & Cladding External
  • Coating Specification